A living exhibition

Bucharest based Interiology Design Studio designed a 25 square meter exhibition stand for an ample event that took place at Parliament Palace in Bucharest, on 16-18th May 2012: Romanian Convention of Architecture and Design (ROCAD)
The stand was the result of the collaboration of Parchet pe Viata parquet company from Bucharest, finnish producer Karelia hardwood floors and  Bona (systems and products for  hardwood floors).

The main idea was growing awareness about using natural finishings and products without harming the environment: hardwood floors made of real wood that is produced from well-managed forest, waterbased products instead of solvent adhesives, dustfree sandings. The term E-conscious was chosen to represent this idea. The stylized mannequins stand there to represent “life”, the man’s relationship with nature and the environment. Ecology is a phenomenon that nowadays influences ideas, thoughts, daily activities or initiatives and is more present in the world of design than ever.
All the materials used to built the stand were reused: natural grass, wooden beams, the floor, the walls structure, the decorative tree.
The design also wanted to represent a statement in the industry, fashionable and exquisite.


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